I was born in 1969 in a little city called Gadsden, Alabama. My father worked at Goodyear and my mother was a stay at home mom. The story of my journey from there to here, will assist you in knowing me a little better. I know you see me on Facebook, but that is simply not enough for us to establish a connection. My superpower is writing so I am writing now. My intention is that you fall in love with me, trust me, feel my pains, embrace my tragedies, and see that I have made it to the other side.

Hi. I’m Luna.

You have seen me on Facebook as Carla Wynn, or Carla Wynn Hall (Married) or maybe the current name “Carla Wynn Foster”. Each of these still has my birth name “Carla Wynn”. Over the years I have tried to pronounce my middle name to others and it’s never resulted in anything but confusion.

You can reboot your reality in 10-seconds when you use my new method of healing called the “Neuro-Redesign Method”. Each area of your brain is like an empty apartment and you can change it with your command. Don’t be afraid, it wants you to know the secret to change. It’s all in Neuroscience and I can teach you how to use this tool every day.

So here I am, in front of you now, wishing to give you a detailed rundown of who I am including my core values, my life history and my future plans. If you are here on this page, it is because I have sent you here so we can deepen our relationship through communication in words. If you are here, you probably are considering working with me on a project, and you may be wondering how I define myself in the world of online business. Perhaps you are here to ask me to be on your podcast, radio show or magazine.

For whatever reason, you have found me. So, here we go.

My Path to Here

If I had a crayon, marker or pen and some fresh dirt for my bare little feet, I was content. As a childhood creative, I was also a genius academically, and had deep musical passions so I played the piano and trumpet. Being all of this and at the same time the daughter of a sport’s driven father, and beauty driven mother caused me great anguish. I know that our parents cannot help the way they raised us as to them, we were but dolls, toys, clay – but inside we were our own little human.

Following toxic family patterns landed me in an abusive situation in 1990. My story is the same as millions of women who have been held back and tormented at the hands of their spouse, but a little different. See, I left the abuse with my then 2-year old in tow. Mauled from being sexually bitten and raped, my mind was filled with guilt; shame that I was leaving the marriage. How is that for a twisted mindset.

Three days after I left the marriage, he was killed in an explosion at his job and my life took on a new personality. It was then when I realized I had a split personality, or alter-ego, and then when I embraced the fact that we all have different personalities inside of us. Archetype expression and awareness is part of my book this year and I know it will help you understand your world better too.

My Super Powers and Genius Zones

I wanted to keep the pain points of my experience to a minimum so I can jump right here. Luna loves to write. She created this blog to deal with the #DeepIssues that most people will not discuss because of one or more fears. Deep issues such as the over-diagnosis of bi-polar disorder, politics and our state of suffering on planet earth. Luna loves to dig in and research the facts before making a compassionate blog that deals with facts, myths and simple twisted versions of right and wrong.

My background is in Law and as a Criminal Justice Paralegal I fell in love with the concept of human potential. Within weeks of my first CJ job, I was able to interview a young man who had been arrested for Capital Murder and who had been holding a secret. Because of my wicked intuitive ability, I looked deeply into his eyes and saw the truth. I saw the whole scene unfold and it was not even close to what his record told. When I looked at him I said, “You didn’t do this did you?”. He looked at me with tears welling from his eyes. He could not wipe his tears so I walked over and wiped them with my towel. The compassion I felt for him cannot be stated in words, nor on a blog, or in any other way but to say that every human has a soul. Every tear is a cleansing tool for #reboot.

The young man carried is secret to death row, and there was nothing I could do as a paralegal because he never told anyone besides me.

I am compassionate, empathetic and believe that forgiveness is amnesia. When you truly forgive, you never remember the event.

I learned so much during my college training including how to write for judges. Because I am a nerd, I started to do legal research for fun. I had a subscription to Westlaw and I used it as much as I could printing boxes full of case law in “case” my subscription stopped. No pun intended, well maybe a little.

I research the articles I write and I also research color schemes when doing website designs.

Because my creative brain would not accept simply research, I had to do more. I started doing trial presentations on Powerpoint straight out of college and was able to add my intuition, plus my creative genius attributes to my brainy side and a new career was born.

I am Luna Claire, a 6x published author, a #1 International Bestselling Co-Author of several anthologies, am a WordPress Artisan, a Social Media Mage and a good person to know. If you call me and need me I am going to stretch the universe to make it happen. I have sympathy and empathy. I love bit. I am a mama lion when it comes to my children and grandchildren and I am an advocate for “Neuro-Redesign” which is the process of helping people come quickly out of mental atrophy, away from crime, removed from poverty and in a new state of superhuman.

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