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My Big Fucking Why!

When I say deep issues as the term relates to our reality, I am referencing issues like narcissism, epigenetics, neuroscience. relationships. I am also going to write about religion, politics and the human belief dynamic.

Why? Because no other author is willing to do this.

For example, we are in a pre-election year in the United States and millions of people whose votes matter, won’t speak up about why they are with or against a candidate.

WHY? Because all of their life has been spent believing that you should not announce who you are going to vote for in an election.

These ancient beliefs are down into the “unconscious mind” and we don’t even know they exist until we are triggered. In my book The Neuroscience of Starting Over #Reboot I talk about triggering events that light you up. You will be so angry after you read the paragraphs that you will think about slamming the book shut and calling me out on it.

But, you know what? This is how you know that the “BELIEF” you hold is not serving you. Beliefs in anything that binds you and the collective consciousness, are bad fucking beliefs. Let me repeat myself. Any belief that feels bad to you and causes triggers is a bad, toxic, worthless belief. You can choose to let it go.

The next area that I am going to write about on this blog series is virtual communication, etiquette and friendship. In this pretend space where we are but an avatar, forced to figure out how to communicate with other avatars, we must start being real with each other. Stop all of this “I am a 6 Figure Earner” bullshit and admit that you are broker than a joker, but you really want to have hundreds of thousands of disposable dollars. Stop saying you are ok with a little and get FUCKING NAKED with the fact that you want more.

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