The definition of publishing sure has changed lately. Years ago you had to type a manuscript, have a bozillion copies ran, send those thick packages out to an agent and wait for weeks on end for the telephone, like the kind that hooks to the wall – to ring, hoping it was your agent saying he had a publishing deal for you.

Then traditional publishing got watered down with the rise of independent publishing options. Today, there is a huge need for a new approach, thus the Luna Claire Short Book Building program and Whimsical Traditional Publishing was born.

We help ANYONE including children, become authors with our unique method called the “Chloe Method”. Chloe, by the way, is Luna’s granddaughter who gave her the best advice ever: If you give of your heart, people will always pay you. She was 7 years old when she told me this during her visit here this summer.

Luna Claire Publishing was Born

Filling the need in the publishing industry for a “Traditional-ish” way of becoming an author was easy once I let go of doubting that I could do it. I actually started working with a coach, Tanja James, who totally obliterated the blocks I had to tapping into my power and now I am ready to start getting books out there to the world. Don’t worry if you feel that your writing skills are not up to par. The world doesn’t read the way it used to. If you have a learning disability or any disability, I will work directly with you to get your book published.

Check out my packages.

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