My new book #Reboot will release in November, 2019 to help give a cushion to the blow of energy that is promised to us with the upcoming media frenzy of 2020. Let’s talk for just a few paragraphs on beliefs and what they are.

Your beliefs are the way you feel about certain issues in the course of your lifetime. It was not too long ago that our beliefs were firmly handed down from our parents. Rebooting your belief system starts with the patterns and beliefs you inherited. Beliefs around religion, politics and health care are just a few of the beliefs that keep you stuck and feeling guilt and shame.

You have no doubt felt what I am talking about. If you came out of the closet as a lesbian, and you held it in secret, then you had a belief system that said there was something wrong with loving the same sex, and this belief existed before you were born. You can reboot your belief system by pulling out any events, episodes or experiences you had as a small child, that enforced your belief that being lesbian is wrong.

Nearly none of the beliefs you hold have any relevance to your life today. Once you start to recognize the greatness inside of yourself, beliefs will soon start to disappear and you get to create new ones every day.

Action Step: To delete a belief, pay attention to the triggers. Within every triggering event, there is a belief. Say to yourself. I choose to delete all beliefs that are harmful, including beliefs that trigger me.

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