Renovating Your Social Media Platform with this 8 Part Series

Hi I am Luna Claire, mystical writer, word mage and author of the new book #Reboot. This blog series is all about rebooting your social media strategy and how you can begin to change the way you behave, interact and utilize this powerful super resource to accelerate your goals.

I see way too many women out there trying to follow the rules, saying no to opportunities, shunning the option to be part of big groups, and flat out burning out with the unspoken rules of engagement. Rebooting your Social Media Strategy is being developed for new and seasoned social engagement professionals, and those who have thus far been on social media just for play and conversation.

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I want to provide you with relevant content that you can print out and reference later on. There is so much information going everywhere that I know how hard it is to focus on one topic, much less on set of topics. However, I am confident that you will enjoy the stock pile of knowledge I have in my head, that I am sharing freely with you today.

The 6 Topics I will be rolling out each day are:

  • BREAKING THE RULES recreating your own social media strategy set that works with your core beliefs. Breaking the rules created by the collective is as easy as seeing yourself as the new rule maker for your own personal success.
  • THE ART OF SOFT SKILLS helps support you in real conversations where you ask for the sale if you are selling personal services, you show empathy and compassion for those hurting and you keep your core values at the forefront of every word you type.
  • CREATING YOUR POWER PERSONA is about showing up in a way similar to how you show up in life, but fully utilizing every possible filter you can in order to create the most polished persona possible for your personal core values and life goals.
  • SETTING HEALTHY BOUNDARIES is critical and the #1 reason I am doing this whole thing as a blog, rather than a series of Facebook posts. Remember the basics of managing your life. You can absorb the energy of others through social interaction.
  • FRIENDSHIP AND BUSINESS do go hand in hand and anyone who tells you otherwise, is wrong. You will learn how to harness friendly business connections and this will be your social media superpower. Remember your own dreams.
  • USING GROUPS AND PAGES correctly and in unison with one another helps quickly triple your visibility and starts to get you in front of the scrolling. The thumbing method of engagement requires you to be in their faces, and often. Automation protects your energy.

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