This is part two of my #Reboot Your Business Brain Social Media Edition. Today’s post is on Social Media Soft Skills and how to effectively level up a Messenger conversation. What I mean by level up a messenger conversation is that you will get wrapped up in dozens of Facebook Messenger conversations every day. Each of these conversations can do one of two things; they can go on forever and end up in a situation where you are drained of time and energy, or they can warm up a lead into a sale.

The more you improve your Social Media Soft Skills the more you are able to feel your way through a conversation. This is not easy when Facebook Messenger is your chosen way of communication, or even if it’s not. So many prospects out there are using this form of communication which can be confusing if you are not polished up on your soft skills.

Soft Skills are those talents such as intuition, compassion, listening, responding and encouraging a two-way dialog. Navigating this area of your business makes all of the difference in your ability to get into a Facebook Messenger conversation and convert that conversation to a sale, or to add a new endorser to your tribe. Either way, your greatness in this area will improve your overall success.

I want you to print this blog series so you have access to it and it doesn’t get lost in space. Here are 2 important soft skills you can start to do right now, that will increase your success rate with messenger.

  1. Start any message off with an introduction of who you are and immediately ask the person initiating the message, to like your business page. This shows you within a few seconds the intention of the contact. If the contact is in MLM, they most likely want to get you into a conversation around their program, but they will dodge the ask and turn a conversation into a series of dry questions. However, most people who want to strike up a talk with you, just want you to be on their contact radar. To repeat: When someone starts a message with you, the first thing you want to do is to give them an introduction to your business link.
  2. The second soft skill you need is the ability to end a conversation fast if it feels uncomfortable. No matter what type of Facebook Messenger conversation is started, you will be able to tell within one or two message exchanges, what the intention of the person is at the time. You don’t want to stay in a Facebook Messenger conversation longer than is needed. First, you need to protect your energy. Often people who want to tell you about their hard life, will tell you way more than is needed. Be brave and say goodbye quickly if the conversation starts to feel icky. Icky to me is someone who says “Well, I guess you don’t want to talk”.

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