Being a bestselling author is not expensive nor is it difficult. In fact, it’s much easier than building a funnel and email list that never converts. It’s more fun that posting on IG all day long, and it gives you a credential that you didn’t have previously

Diamonds of Wisdom is part of the Chocolate and Diamonds for Her Soul book compilation series whose first volume was seen and held by the great Jack Canfield himself in Canada. He knew the power of collaboration when he had the idea for Chicken Soup for the Soul.

You probably have also seen these lines go by your social media “Author with me in my bestselling book”, or “Join me in my book” from other publishers who are doing similar projects. This one is different in a few ways. I found out with my first Compilation, Empowered Women of Social Media – that there are tons of emotions that rise up when women start to write out a story with pain in the undertone. Memories are the only thing that keep us in emotional prison, and writing is the way out of jail.

Join me for $100 and Let the ROI rain down on your vision of success.

Diamonds of Wisdom is looking for women who want to be published, who have one or more fears of writing, who have a big story to tell and who are willing to allow me to coach them as we move along. If you have a story you want to be seen in a PUBLISHED bestselling book, then think about the financial investment.

First, if you peel off $100 to be in a book and this expense helps you to expand your business, free your soul and live a life that was recorded in a book for your whole family to read – how will you feel?

Second, if you spend $100 to be in the book, will you feel that this was an easy investment, or do you think you have some sort of resentment or confusion about why you should pay to be in a book when you can write one on your own?

Finally, if you know that a $100 investment toward your life and future business endeavors, and you know that having a book to sell as a product with a $14 profit mark up is a wise decision, then join us today.

This is a one time no refund investment. You receive the following:

  • Entry into the VIP Planning group where you mingle and interact with the other writers and our corporate sponsors. This gives you a chance to meet new people for your own opportunities in an Author Mindset Mastermind like no other.
  • You get 10 Marketing Graphics that will be emailed to you just before our book launch. These graphics will be for FG, IG and your own blogs or articles.
  • You get to play with us on Launch day 11/11 as we watch all of the women become #1 International Bestselling Authors due to the fact that I always have women from Australia and Canada who rock out their marketing.
  • You get 3 copies of the paperback book on 11/21
  • You get a free hour of one on one book coaching with me, after the book is finished because you WILL WANT to write your own full book with the “CuteLittleBook® or the MicroMemoir® system.

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