We all Fall Down!

The Cataclysm and Collapse

Today is October 7th and I am reminded of how patterns will are like a Jenga game; the structure goes higher and higher, but eventually falls. I want to start this series of blog posts to fortify my theory that we are in the middle of a human eradication. Now, what I mean by this is that if you look closely to what is going on around you in America and the world, you can see two very potent patterns on the verge of collapse.

The Rule of White Man and the Control of Religion

These are the two patterns that are on their way down. In America we are in the throws of an upcoming election year where we prove via our right to vote, that we can stir up diversity, heartache, fear and tenacity all at the same time. We race to prove who is right and race just as fast to prove who is wrong. All the while, we are sleeping, addicted to Twitter to wait for the next announcement from the President, Donald Trump. Donald Trump represents the Republican Party and sits on the thrown after Goerge W. Bush, JR and Senior! His mission is to protect the people and to keep our nation safe, but here we are. We are in the middle of the greatest pattern collapse this country has ever seen. Our children will know that they were living when the Impeachment proceedings occurred, and they were able to see it on television, and God forbid – TWITTER.

For 100’s of years, the “White Man” has had illusory dominion and control of the money, the people and the times in which we live. There is no other way to say it. Look back at our founding fathers and at the fact that 40% of the founding fathers were slave owners. It was never meant for a woman or (man of other origin) to have dominion over the land and the people on it. This is a pattern which was seeded many years ago. This is a pattern. It’s a pattern of toxic division and destruction.

The 2nd Fundamental Pattern shift we are experiencing is the breakdown of the teachings of Organized Religion, specifically the religion that most people follow: Some sort of Christianity. This religion touches upon patterns that have resulted in secret talks in the Undercurrent, secret plans spoken in codes through cave drawings and secret scrolls. The harsh rules of living have caused people to commit suicide and give up on living. Combine these two patterns and you have a real problem.

What to look for…

If you are like me, just a regular gal, then you want to make sure you are on top of this pattern collapse, but that you don’t let it drag you into its vortex of doom. When patterns collapse, they are uncomfortable. The pattern of a “White Man” having dominion and control of America started to chip away when Mr. President Obama was in office. His heart and his story of unity with the “Yes We Can” movement, stirred the world. Chanting “Yes We Can”, people from all walks of life cheered him on as he took his journey to the White House with his family.

The pattern was badly damaged during the 8 years Barack Obama was President of the United States. From near and far, opponents did their best to de-throne the man who looked different than the other men who had lived in the “White House” prior. The claimed he was not a citizen and that he had ties with terrorism because of his name. But, even that was not enough to keep the people from loving him as a human because – well – that’s what people do.

  1. Look for rhetoric that is raciest in nature. When you see and hear this jibberish you know that there is a pattern collapse coming. When it does, try to stay away from the news channels. Stay focused on what makes you happy, and turn away from the noise.
  2. Feel the energy around you. When you are thumbing through the news feed and you see something that triggers you regarding the collapse of a powerful pattern, go do something different. Go outside and see just how peaceful life really is.

The pattern of religious dogma connects directly to the political environment of America. On the Right – the Republican Conservatives/Christian Leaders, etc. On the Left – Liberals, forward thinkers, trial lawyers, etc. Now, before you start to think about deleting this post, know that I am of NO RELIGION. And if it offends you then you can just quit reading it ok? Your beliefs are your beliefs and mine are my own.

Donald Trump pronounces that he “Was the Chosen One” and most thought it implied that he mean he was God’s chosen one (aka The Messiah). Also, the remaining followers are praying for him, yet he appears to be the least amount of “Christian” I have ever experienced. Who knows, but the truth is that these two patterns are falling.

When they collapse, everyone will be impacted. No one will be immune. So, take some time today and focus on what is real in your life. Know that the energy you feel is simply that of a collapsing pattern. Know that you are ok.

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