#Election2020 I have been focused on this election for the last 4-years since the 2016 election and would like to offer some grass roots opinions, coming to you from the heavily saturated with Republicans – state of Tennessee where I know that this message will not be accepted, but that’s okay. My opinion is very educated and very kind.

In 2016 there was an uprising because of the election. On one hand we had a presidential candidate in Hillary Clinton whom the general population of the country hated during the election, and we had Donald Trump. Today we are looking at over 20 Democratic Presidential hopefuls and two of them are shooting for the moon.

Andrew Yang is an “Asian who loves math” and has proposed that every American receive $1000 a month as a Universal Basic Income and his theory is that if more people have cash in their pocket, they will go out into the economy. He also opines that entrepreneurs would launch more businesses if they had a stable income. I agree 100%

Marianne Williamson who is a New York Times bestselling author and one of my favorite gurus of al time, is also running of the Office of President. Her platform is super clear, she is super educated and it makes me light up when I hear her speak. Her vision is of a move toward the establish PEACE as a government initiative, as it should be.

Together these two for a potential superpower this country needs right now. The issues of gun control and immigration are two hot topics they both have stellar plans for in their time of leadership. The solution for these two issues is in creating a Revolution and to use the Power of Suggestion to wake up people who only see the government as “Taking their Guns” or “Housing Criminals”.

Until now, the country has been driven by which leader would do better if we went to war. I think we can all agree that DT is not that such leader. Yang and Williamson will be the new faces of our Presidency if we keep our support going.

I am rooting for Marianne Williamson and helping push her campaign forward and upward.

Get your Facts

One of the great misconceptions about an election year is that all you see on media, must be true. Another is that you must have a political background to be the President. I encourage and even challenge you to go do some research and get the facts.

http://www.marianne2020.com Donate today so we can get her in the September Debates.

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