Have you been watching the Democratic Debates? WOW. I am so into this movement for Marianne Williamson, New York Times bestselling author and Spiritual Muse. I have followed this amazing lady for many years and her words have a special place in my soul. Deep inside of the belief system that I have worked hard to rebuild, these words remain: “You are Powerful Beyond Measure.”

You are Powerful Beyond Measure

As a young girl, I had only a few requests from LIFE. I wanted to walk barefoot to a creek near my childhood home, and stay there all day watching the birds, butterflies and everything around me. Growing up, writing was my passion but I didn’t know how to harness my artistic desire to write stunning words that felt amazing to the heart. Because I was disciplined for writing too much, I started to channel my creativity through the mouthpiece of a trumpet.

I was and am one of the chosen ones who have strong creative and intellectual skills. As a woman, I am always on the caring and nurturing side of the pendulum. I feel that I have always been a leader because of my ability to stay silent during chaos, analyze the situation and offer up a quick and creative solution.

Leadership is the keep ability to be able to both listen and speak while maintaining perfect harmony among those who look up to you and follow you. Female leadership in the global theater, is a tender issue. There is still an obvious division between the beliefs and perceptions that women lack the ability to truly lead groups where the gender is mixed.

In 2017 as an adult who had been disconnected from her creative desires to write and play music, exchanging those woo factors for failed relationships, failed attempts at managing money, more failed relationships and finally a failed relationship – I fell; as in, to the ground. Let me tell you this story about me falling, hitting my head and being forced to recreate who I was from the ground up. I mention in repeat cycle “Failed Relationships” because the failure of relationships is a mirror that is reflecting from somewhere inside of you. It’s not a failed relationship with someone else, but an off balance relationship with yourself.

The Female Brain and a Concussion

The female brain runs in a million directions at once. We want to care for others to the point that we often lose ourselves. We lose ourselves so completely that our unconscious mind rules the day, our conscious mind is not focused at all on us as women, and our subconscious mind is dishing out nonsense like crazy.

Marianne Williamson is running an education campaign and fighting Goliath. She is fighting patterns from the undercurrent while activating her own underground tribe. She is telling the truth about the condition of the Soul of America, and I support her in raising this awareness. I know like I know, that the spirit of humanity is at war with itself, however, I know that evil has its own place. Peace and Love must be the resounding words that we all hum in a cadence to save our children and unborn grandchildren. We have to be the generation to break the curse.

Feeling a strong addiction to stretching myself way to far for the massive fear of disappointing my online clients, my brain was super-saturated with worry on a day that I had made this decision to go do something for myself. My decision to leave the house, go to the gym and get some selfies of myself doing so – filled my mind with way to much information.

On a cold day in February 2017, I fell and sustained a brain injury. The female brain needs to be rebooted from time to time, and this was my day to receive the reboot. When we are so saturated with pleasing others, and use our own self-care as an excuse for a validating selfie for social media, then we are not embracing our woo.

Our woo is the part of us that floats through most of life with no worry or concern of what others “think”. Making others happy is a different story and a different post. Today I want to encourage you as a woman, to embrace all of the time you need for yourself. Even if you lose money, even if you realize your fears – when you start embracing your woo, you start to redesign your brain so it works better for you.

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