Thank you for Joining my Book Club and Discussion Group!

To an author, discussion of the topics is super important. I am glad to introduce you to a new process in personal development that works on rebuilding the foundation of your memory. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in 2017 I was forced to Reboot or Die. I took myself through an intense self-healing journey by utilizing tools I had learned over my years of trying to heal myself from deep trauma. My cup was filled with information about how the brain self-heals and grows; the subject of Neuroplasticity became an addiction.

In the group we are going to have FUN discussing the many ways you can start to redefine your life and rewrite the terms and conditions of your reality starting at the Quantum Level while using playful tactics such as watching the Disney Movie “Moana” to do a lesson on beliefs, and watching “Inside Out” to do a lesson on emotions and how they interact with the emotions of others through a process called Quantum Entanglement.

You can request access to the FREE group below where I will be live with you once a week to help you on your journey of self-healing using the NeuroSnap technique and the SnapTap Memory Unfoldment Process.


Luna Claire

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