Human beings are here on planet earth to learn, grow and create a better tomorrow for future humans not yet born. We are on this amazing journey together, to create wonder and joy for those who come after we are gone. But something is awry; we are numbing down, zoning out and killing each other. Inner culture genocide is the only fate of our species. It is our fault.

Every day I see hundreds of avatars go past me on social media. I look at a profile and can tell almost everything I need to know about that person. I engage in social media messages all day every day and realize that humankind is in big trouble. We tend to want separateness and conflict, before unity and harmony. Negative news fills our inner ecosystem until we are in full-blown fight mode nearly our entire day.

It is sad. Trying to navigate origin in a sea of social blindness is difficult, but I continue to press forward knowing that “my voice is not mine, but it is for others to whom I serve” through my own journey and assignment. I want to shout out to the great Lisa Nichols for the quoted sentence. Because of my mentors over the years, I am able to stand firm in my conviction that those who will – need to. Those who don’t want to heal or can’t, will walk a very dark and painful path forward.

Turn to someone you love right now and tell them you love them.

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