Welcome to this blog series take from my book “The Neuro-Redesign Method for Starting Over #REBOOT”. In Chapter 7 of my book I go pretty deep into the archetype theory first pioneered by Carl Jung whose philosophy was that there were multiple varieties of us as humans, that lived inside of us as personalities. This is so true, but to expand on Jung’s theories I have written about the ego as a protective guardian.

People tend to follow guru-driven definitions of words to a fault. The ego is one word that is used so much in the personal growth field. The ego is said to be bad and evil, and many teaching models even say you should kill off your ego. I am here to tell you that you can’t and never will be able to kill off a personality that is part of who you are.

To me, the ego is your protector and a guardian of your soul. She is the brave one when you are weak. She picks you up from the greatest sorrow and carries you on her beautiful and motherly shoulders. Sure, she protects you because you need protecting. But, she is there for you. She gets a little excited and probably over-protective sometimes but so do all mothers.

When I first discovered my ego through trance and through creative visualization whilst looking for my inner-child. I found my ego standing outside of the door where my inner child was locked away in my mind. Ego was wearing leather and had a sword. She was greasy and exhausted from trying to keep my inner-child safe. Why was she standing guard? Because she brought my soul star to this earth plane and her contract doesn’t end until my soul returns to the heavens.

Take this into your heart for a few minutes and ask yourself how many times you have said you wanted to kill your ego, and how many times you have been in a traumatic situation only to feel as if you blacked out. Ask yourself how many times you have exhibited super-human skills and eve questioned where they came from.

Herein lies the truth: The EGO is your biggest fan. Talk to her and make her part of the soul family reunion.

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