Hello and Welcome to Volume 2 of The Untethered Woman!

So, you are a business woman with no book? You are someone with an untold story, with no book? You feel like you don’t remember how to write well, and you have no book? This program is for you. There will not be a long sales page because I think those are a waste of space and time. If you are not convinced by the first paragraph, then this program is not for you. However, if you want to be an author and can give me one hour of your time, you can be a Bestselling Author without typing a signle word! Interested?

How it Works!

First, you are a guest on my Podcast called “Coffee Talk with Luna Claire”. This results in a detailed Q & A  about your story of breaking free and breaking through. With this transcription your story goes into the book along with your bio and website information with the purpose of it being a marketing tool for you.

You receive a 20 Pack of Marketing Graphics to use on Social Media

The graphics help you market your space in the book and help you gain followers who will want a copy of the book on International Women’s Day

On the day of Launch, I will be releasing three of the podcast interviews followed by 3 per day for the next few weeks after March 8th (in Summit Format)

I can take 22 Contributors and the IWD books always fill up fast because of the massive exposure through the International Women’s Day Database.


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